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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Information on our Adult Small Groups can be found here.


Information on our Wednesday Night Bible Study can be found here.

L.O.L.O. (Ladies Only, Lunch Out)
LOLO (Ladies Only, Lunch Out) is the fellowship and outreach group for Ladies (their rules).  This group meets regularly during the year and has a yearly spring retreat at the beach.
M.O.M.O (Men's Only, Ministry Outing)
MOMO is a men's ministry here at Trinity! The ladies have LOLO, the men have MOMO!
The Inaugural event was Fun and Gun at Bro. Gene's house on December 3rd, 2011.
There was lots of great fellowship, fun and smoked ribs! The guys enjoyed shooting at targets, having shoot-offs against each other with clay pigeons, and showing off their different guns.



Each year we also have a family canoe trip at Holmes Creek, FL.
Each November, we have a family picnic at Potato Head Ranch (Bro Gene and Cindy's house)

Families and family activities are a vital part of Trinity.  All age groups are involved in Bible study and ministry but many activities are planned for all age groups to participate.  In addition adults are actively involved in the children and youth programs, retreats, ministries, and activities.
Some of our family programs include a yearly River Outing, the annual Potato Head Ranch picnic, a family Christmas program and dinner, and spring Celebration and Fun day.